Victoria Arduino MDJ

The new system with revised suspensions, isolates the engine to eliminate unwanted noises.

This function regulates the grain size with extreme precision using flat burrs of 75 mm.

The new portafilter hook facilitates the work of the barista.

Victoria Arduino MDXS

Thanks to the new ventilation system, along with the 65 mm burrs, the machine guarantees a high-quality grinding experience. The constant temperature allows the coffee to keep its exclusive fragrance.

Eliminating the vibrations, you can enjoy a great cup of coffee in a noiseless ambiance.

Designed with aluminum and ergonomic parts, the portafilter hook of the MDXS offers a secure and stable closure.

Mazzer Robur S electronic

Grind Flow Control System – GFC

Get uniform coffee grounds in your portafilter while keeping grounds from getting on the counter with the innovative GFC System. The GFC system consists of a removable aluminum outlet insert equipped with three interchangeable wire dampers. Choose the best wire damper for you according to coffee origin, roast profile, weather conditions or barista preferences.

WIRE DAMPERS: 1. Hybrid (factory fitted) | 2. AntiClumping | 3. AntiDust

Robur S is the ideal grinder for high-volume coffee shops

Integrating technological advances, the new grinder improves dose consistency and reduces coffee retention by 52%.
It has an excellent grinding speed (average for espresso 1s/5g – 50Hz, 1s/6g – 60Hz) with low RPM (420 RPM – 50 Hz).
The special cooling system with double fan keeps coffee safe from temperature exposure, preserving maximum aroma.

Robur S features an easy system for cleaning of the grinding chamber quickly and without losing your grind setting.
Additionally, grinding adjustment is made easier thanks to the user-friendly “Memory Track” index.
The Adjustable Portafilter Holder allows barista to grind hands-free and consistently center the flow of grinds in the basket.
The new built‐in memory board in 19 languages can keep track of coffee statistics, tracks maintenance updates and it is cloud compatible.

New electronic features

  • Ergonomically designed 19 language Control Panel with wide viewing angle (>160°)
  • Programmable single, double, and triple dose buttons.
  • Time adjustment of a hundredth of a second
  • Manual grinding mode
  • Programmable Pause Function in between grinding
  • Ability to set up a maximum dose cap
  • Total and partial dose counter
  • Daily grinding statistics
  • Alerts on service needs
  • IOT features to keep your grinders connected to your cloud

Mahlkönig EK43 Coffee

  • Outstanding particle size spreads feature high extraction rates and the best possible taste
  • Premium cast steel grinding discs
  • Robust grinder with high grinding capacity
  • Suitable for different applications: filter, espresso, or turkish-fine coffee grinding
  • Grinding of other grists such as spices, grain, poppy-seed and linseed is possible with individual grinding discs
  • Easy and precise grind adjustment

Mahlkönig E65S

  • Proven premium grinding profile featuring a great taste experience
  • Innovative icon menu for intuitive operation
  • Up to 6 recipes programmable
  • Multifunctional turn- & push-button
  • Slim corpus with modern design
  • Pleasantly quiet grinding
  • Quick, stepless and single-handed grind adjustment with independent locking mechanism
  • Adjustable and removeable spout to fit any portafilter
  • Bean hopper with enhanced durability
  • Universal, robust portafilter holder

Marco Über Boiler

Incorporates water drain, weighing scales, timer and high precision temperature delivery, 0.1°C accurate with patented APLogic™ software. Variable manual control flow rate. Joystick for directional flow. For high precision applications.

3Temp Hipster

If you have a boiler, the oxygen goes up in the air and the minerals fall down to the bottom, and you brew coffee on “dead” water. If you are aiming for a TDS of 1,4 that means that 98,6% of a cup of coffee is water, of course the water content has a massive influence on the taste.
The cold fresh water comes in the back of the tube and is carefully heated up in two stages along the way to the pre brew chamber. When the set volume, according to each recipe, has reached the pre brew chamber we open a valve and let the water out onto the shower screen and then spread to the coffee. There is two different recipe modes, one for batch and one for single.
We have divided the brew process into three stages; Pre brew-, Extraction- and End-phase. Batch-mode works like this:
  1. Set a temperature for the pre brew water. Depending of the coffee, higher for dark roast and lower for light roast.
  2. Set a pre brew volume. Normally 10-12% of the total brew volume.
  3. Set a pre brew time. This is the blooming phase.
  4. Moving into the Extraction phase, by default set the temperature 3°C down from the pre brew temp. If you maintain the temperature from the Pre brew phase the coffee will over extract, that’s because of the fresh water.
  5. Chose how to distribute the water. Few and big pulses will shorten the extraction time, many and small pulses will lengthen the extraction time and leave the coffee bed even.
  6. Set a temperature for the End phase. By default set the temp 5°C down from the Extraction temp. This is where you get the bitterness and the woody taste. If you lower the temp you tone down the extraction and get less bitterness.
  7. Set the drip timer. This is the time it takes for the brew basket to run dry.
All these parameters let’s you brew a batch with the same clean and clear taste as you get from a good hand brew. In batch mode you can brew 700-3800ml.
In Hipster ver.2 we have extended the recipe maker to include both batch brewing and single brewing. In batch mode you use the big filter insert and the big paper filters.
In single mode you use a small filter insert and a V60 or a Kalitta filter.
The principles of the two different brewing processes are not the same and that’s why we need to different modes in the recipe maker.
Single-mode works like this;
  1. You choose one temperature only in this mode, that’s because it is very hard to get the temperature up for the pre brew water as a pre brew volume in single mode can be as little as 15ml. The total brew volume is filled up in the pre brew chamber and the temperature will slowly decline during the brew process, just as it does in the kettle when you are doing hand brew.
  2. Set a pre brew volume.
  3. Set a pre brew time.
  4. Set pulse size.
  5. Set the delay between the pulses.
  6. Set the drip timer.
In single mode you can brew 300-800ml.
In the Touch controller and the button controller you can store up to 8 recipes. In the web-based Remote-system you can store unlimited number of recipes. To get the recipes from the Remote-system in to the machine you can either copy paste, push to the machine or print the recipes as a QR-code and scan with the Touch controller. So if you are a roaster and your customers have Hipster Brewers you can fine tune the recipes for each roast batch, print it as a QR-code and put it on the coffee bags, this way you are able to control the in cup quality.
The Remote-system let’s you connect to the machines and update software, change parameters in all levels all the way down to the code, move the machines to different addresses, get statistics, error messages, historical data for trouble shooting etc. The machines reports continuously to the Remote-system and when you get to know the how the Hipster operates you are actually able to foresee problems and can take action before it stops. The skilled user can even build his own brew process in the 3TEMP Macro Programming Language.
All the features of this brewer represent business opportunities.
  • Work on the recipes and extend the baristas skills and knowledge to make the quality of your coffee better and the taste more consistent.
  • Make different profiles for different coffees.
  • Brew several small batches of different coffees to be able to serve your customers faster. This is proven to increase sales for many of shops using the Hipster.
  • Secure the in cup quality of your coffee served across the globe with the Remote-system.
  • Think of the environment and let your technicians monitor the machines on the Remote-system from the office instead of going back and forth in the service cars to check status, restart, reprogram etc.
The Hipster Brewer cares about your customers, the quality you serve to them, and the health of the planet that produces your coffee beans.