Victoria Arduino VA358 White Eagle T3

Victoria Arduino VA358 White Eagle T3

The Quality Machine: A new eagle is ready to spread its wings and land in all coffee shops that make quality and consistency their mission. It is called the VA358 White Eagle and is a new Victoria Arduino machine dedicated to specialty coffee.

Espresso Machine Info

  • 2 groups
  • 3 groups
Independent, element per group
Yes, PID per boiler
Coffee Boiler
11.4 l (2 groups), 17.3 l (3 groups)
Steam Boiler
0.7 l / group head
208-240V (50-60Hz); 380TRIF (50Hz)
7600 W (2 groups); 9500 W (3 groups)

Espresso Machine Features

Steam Wands
Cool Touch

Dimensions & Weight

510 mmm
660 mm
Width: 2 groups
825 mm
Width: 3 groups
1055 mm
Weight: 2 groups
74 Kg
Weight: 3 groups
95 Kg

Product Info

The technology that ensures maximum temperature stability of the espresso machine.

In a professional coffee machine, temperature plays an extremely important role, as it strongly influences the quality of the espresso. A stable temperature provides an excellent and repeatable result. But how? Again, through studies, research and experimentation, as well as working with the best baristas, we managed to find a solution that provides for the control of every single parameter. Thus was born T3, a technology that allows the barista to set three temperatures: for the brewing group, the water infusion and the steam. What do you get? Control of the water supply’s thermal accuracy that results in temperature stability and ultimately in a perfect espresso. This also comes about due to an electronic system, with probes for temperature, pressure and PID, which manages each variable.


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