Compak R8


Retail grinder from Compak

Grinder Info

Grinder Use
Retail Grinding
83 mm
1290 rpm
Stepless Micrometrical
Hopper Capacity
1.1 Kg
610 W

Dimensions & Weight

595 mm
315 mm
205 mm
21.1 Kg

Product Info

ONE PHASE MOTOR 610 W 1290 RPM Balanced motor suitable for situations of low demand that require high grinding quality. Fan incorporated.

83 MM FLAT BURRS Ensures the perfect grind profile from the finest coffee to French Press, Espresso, Mocha, and Filter. Their productivity is unmatched: 500 gr /min. Special treatment is applied to burrs to ensure top quality for 1300 lb of coffee.

ALUMINUM GRIND ADJUSTMENT DIAL, MADE OF CAST ALUMINUM Maximum precision is guaranteed with this intuitive control system that allows you to select and configure according to each clients taste. Grind for brewing the most common methods, from Turkish coffee, to Espresso, Mocha, Filter, Drip, French Press and cupping.

BAG SHAKER Facilitates properly filled coffee bags and prevents matted grounds. Exit chute extension kit included, which allows for high capacity bags and receptacles, thus adapting to all needs.

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