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Victoria Arduino Mythos One Grinder

Mythos One is the new generation of on demand coffee grinders with the highest level of technology and many smart devices to meet the needs of the most demanding barista.

Grinder Info

Grinder Use
75 mm
Stepless Micrometrical
Hopper Capacity
1.3 Kg
230 V (50 Hz), 115 V (60 Hz)
800 W (230 V), 950 W (115 V)

Dimensions & Weight

510 mm
400 mm
188 mm
23 Kg

Product Info

Mythos One stands out for its innovative Clima Pro technology and for the Clump Crusher system that ensures dose consistency and regularity in the coffee stream outflow giving better extraction quality. The technology of the Mythos One has not gone unnoticed; day after day more and more baristas appreciate its features as well as its new systems that help to bring consistent quality to espresso. The Mythos One grinder and the VA388 Black Eagle espresso machine are a winning combination for baristas who want to offer their customers a true coffee experience.


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  • Victoria Arduino Mythos 1 cleaning instructions
    VA Machinery, the UK Victoria Arduino distributors, provide a handy sheet on how to clean your Mythos One.
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