Backup Coffee and Service

Professional service and preventative maintenance ensure that you can enjoy your coffee machine for a long time, and you will have a reliable investment. On site Call outs and Full major Service back to base. Boiler Inspections under PSSR 2000. Call us !

Plant fats and oils as well as acids and other chemical elements are contained in the coffee beans and ground coffee. These substances can be deposited in various points in the machine and, over time, can cause problems with the device. Depending on the region, many different minerals and salts are contained in the water. Scale may be deposited in the machine and must be removed by the repair service from time to time. As some of the minerals are needed for a good coffee flavour, so fully descale the water is not possible. Therefore, these elements naturally make their way into the coffee ­machine and then must be removed. Among other things, there are some solenoid valves in the coffee machine through which either water or coffee flows.

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