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United Baristas Equipment brings everything together so that you better source and maintain your coffee equipment

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Source and maintain coffee equipment to make tastier coffee

Sourcing coffee making equipment

Use United Baristas Equipment to identify the coffee equipment that is right for you. Understand the features, specifications and find the best way to purchase.

Maintaining coffee equipment

Understand what’s required to maintain and service your coffee equipment, build a maintenance regime, and learn tips and tricks for maintaining and troubleshooting issues with your equipment from other baristas.

Find an engineer

Identify your local engineering service partners, get a boiler inspection or find an engineer for an emergency call-out.

For Brands, Distributors, Resellers & Engineers

Better support baristas with United Baristas Equipment

Baristas and coffee businesses use United Baristas Equipment

Find out how baristas and coffee companies use United Baristas Equipment to maker tastier coffee and run viable businesses.